Buying Tips

Is therapeutic massage important to me?

If yes, look for features such as a massaging footdome, well positioned massage therapy jets and ergonomically designed seats.

How many people will be using the spa?

Can the number of people stated in the seating rating truly sit in the spa at one time? This is the difference between sitting comfortably and not having to scrunch down in the spa to avoid cold wind when enjoying your spa.

Are the seats comfortable?

Some spas look great, but are they really comfortable? There’s only one way to find out – sit in it. Remember, if it’s not comfortable dry, it won’t be comfortable wet.

How deep is the spa and the footwell?

Look for deep and spacious footwells to ensure your legs aren’t all tangled together or having to sit awkwardly when more than 3 people are using the tub.

What are the inside measurements of the spa?

All manufacturers dimensions based on exterior measurements of the spa. This doesn’t account for the actual space you have to utilize, which is the inside measurement. Be certain to look at the true use area, ask you spa retailer for inside measurements.

The horse power myth.

There are numerous ways to measure HP – True horsepower, showing constant running power and Break horsepower (BHP) which is the rating for less than one second when the motor peaks and burns out. Of course, only the True horsepower rating is the one that counts, but that still doesn’t ensure efficient plumbing and use of the power. Ensure that your spas is PSI rated at every jet, and gives you 12 – 14 PSI which provides true therapeutic massage, optimum equipment performance and reliability.