Before proceeding with troubleshooting, check the following:

  • Water Level (must be at least 3″ above skimmer opening).
  • Filters have been cleaned with a proper filter cleaning solution within the last 3 weeks.
  • Turn off GFI, wait 2 minutes and then turn it back on.
  • Before changing any parts, check the connections first.
  • K.I.S (Keep it simple) – Check the easiest solutions first.
Spa Trouble Shooting Chart
Spa Troubleshooting Help
Inoperative spa

Possible Cause

    • Power failure
    • GFCI tripped
    • Spa lock activated

Possible Solutions 

    • Check power source
    • Reset GFCI; call for service if it will not reset
    • Turn off breaker for at least 2 minutes. If tripping continues, call for service.
    • Deactivate spa lock
Not heating; jets and light operate (Local Spa pack display shows Ok and green LED on)
Possible Cause 
    • Circulation pump thermal cut-off tripped
    • Water temperature 2 F over set point
    • Integrated pressure switch failure (replace the heater)
    • heater is not connected (see if on the local display appears: rH/ nF
    • The “wrench” symbol appears on the panel display

Possible Solutions 

    • Check for clogged filters.
    • Check for air locks in plumbing.
    • Disconnect power to the spa, allow circulation pump to cool.
    • Circulation pump thermal cut-off will reset when pump has cooled and power is reapplied. Call for service if circulation pump thermal cut-off trips frequently.
    • Circulation pump is cut-off when water temperature reaches 2F over set point.
    • Call for service if the heater trips frequently.
    • A hardware problem occurs. Call your dealer.
Jets weak or surging
    • Spa water level too low
    • Filters clogged
    • Air Controls closed
    • Add water
    • Clean filters
    • Open Air Controls
Light inoperative
    • Spa lock activated
    • Light wiring or assembly is faulty
    • Deactivate spa lock
    • Replace light assembly
Pump not functioning
    • Pump overload condition
    • Top Side Control switches failure if jet symbol does not come on.
    • Let cool for one hour. Pump (motor) overload will reset automatically. If Problem persists, contact your Pacific dealer
    • Turn off breaker and contact your Pacific dealer

 Noisy pump

    • Low water level
    • Defective pump
    • Add water to normal level (min. 1 inch above highest jet)
    • Turn off breaker and contact your Pacific dealer

 Pump runs, but low or no water/ jet pressure

    • Low water level
    • Air control valve closed or blocked
    • Air line clogged or blocked
    • Dirty filter cartridge
    • Jet blocked
    • Clogged suction or skimmer basket
    • Closed gate valve (if present)
    • Add water to normal level (min. 1 inch above highest jet)
    • Open or clean air valve
    • Clean filter cartridge
    • Remove jet face and clean orifice
    • Clean suction cover or skimmer basket
    • Open gate valves
Diverter valves, on/off valves are difficult to turn
    • Sand or debris inside valves
    • Clean and lubricate valves
    • Clean filters/ Change filters